Man and his Machine

Man & His MachineMan #1 has been around for a very long time.

As the proud owner of the latest model you´ll be keen to keep it in top condition. With a little care, your high performance machine will last you a long lifetime with minimal need for maintenance or spare parts. But like any sophisticated piece of high technology, your body will respond best to a basic understanding of what goes on underneath the bonnet.

In truth, men are more likely to look after their cars than their own bodies. However, many illnesses can be prevented and with early diagnosis, successfully treated. Cancer is a prime example of this.

Browse through this website to find useful information on how to keep your body humming like a finely tuned engine, so you can reduce your risk, and where possible, prevent cancer. There are also tips and tools to notice early warning signs that need to be checked out, so that little problems don´t become big problems.