Here is some information on checking yourself, it’s not a fun thought, but more entertaining than the possibility of losing two of the things that make you mostly a guy.

We shower every day – don’t we? So in just a few minutes get your hands down there when you’re soaping up your good areas. All too often we’re embarrassed but no one should know more about our mommy-daddy buttons than us.

How Should I check myself?Check Your Tackle

  • Hold your scrotum in both your hands and use your fingers and thumbs to examine your testicles. It´s common for one testicle to be slightly larger than the other, so don´t be alarmed if this is the case.
  • Gently feel each testicle, one at a time. You should be able to feel a soft tube at the top and back of both of them. This tube (epididymis) carries the sperm. It may be slightly tender but do not confuse this with an abnormal lump in the testicles. The testicles themselves should feel smooth, with no lumps, swellings or hardening present.

What do I need to look out for?

If you answer YES to any of the following questions do not delay in speaking with your doctor.

  • Can you feel a small lump or swelling in either testicle?
  • Do you notice any hardening of the testicle?
  • Is the testicle tender to touch?
  • Can you feel a sensation of heaviness in your scrotum?
  • Can you feel a dull ache in your lower abdomen or groin?

Most lumps in the testicles do not turn out to be cancer. However if your doctor confirms that you have an unusual lump or swelling, you may be sent to a specialist for further tests.